Tengri Lights

RA Series

  • Full Spectrum with detachable UV and IR attachment bars

  • Built in LCD display for Master unit

  • 180° Foldable Design for quick and easy installation

  • Flexible Daily Time Scheduler

Harness the sun's energy right in your grow space with our revolutionary RA Series Grow Light. Designed to emit a powerful 2184 μmol/s PPF output at an energy-saving 880 watts, this high-efficiency (2.8 μmol/J) grow light empowers you to optimize plant growth, boost quality, and slash operational costs.

Crafted from top-grade aluminum alloy for maximum durability, this robust fixture is built to stand the test of time. Its integrated LED display shows the selected spectrum, actual wattage, PPF value, and more - all easily adjustable with two conveniently placed knobs. Adjust the lighting schedule from 6 up to 18 hours a day and dim the brightness from 30% to 100% for full control over your plants' growth.

The RA Series comes with two detachable UV/IR LED panels, offering you four tunable spectrum options for every stage of plant growth. Use the option for a balanced blue and red wavelength ideal for the vegetative stage, and switch to the to another one for deep red wavelengths that stimulate extra photosynthesis during blooming. Unleash the full potential of your plants by adding a few UV or IR LEDs for robust stem growth, proper node spacing, and abundant flowers.

Looking to scale your operation? The RA Series can sync with up to 100 RA Station, controlling them simultaneously for seamless, unified operation. Whatever settings you adjust on the RA Master, the RA Station fixtures will follow suit, saving you precious time and effort.

Installation is a breeze with our balancing dampers, allowing you to adjust the fixtures to any angle. Say goodbye to costly installation fees and hello to a DIY-friendly setup.

Our lights are designed by growers, for growers. We thank the indoor growers who've helped us test our state-of-the-art RA Series in their grow rooms. This innovation is our gift to hydroponic growers worldwide.







PPFD (PAR Chart)

Height=12" / 305mm RA-780W AUTUMN 2.8μmol/J

Height=6" / 152mm RA-780W AUTUMN 2.8μmol/J

Height=6" / 152mm RA-780W AUTUMN 2.8μmol/J

Electrical Parameters

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