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  • Perfect lights for large scale cultivation

  • Customizable Full spectrum LED lights

  • Highest Output White Chips and Red Chips

  • Replaceable and removable bars for easy maintenance

Experience unparalleled growth and productivity with our Helios LED Grow Light - the most potent indoor plant light we've ever created. Surpassing many other LED grow lights and traditional 1000 watt HPS solutions, Helios offers customizable wattage up to 1000 watts to meet your specific needs.

The Helios LED grow light emits a full spectrum suitable for all growth phases, making it ideal for grow tents and multiple-light commercial operations. Covering a 5x5 / 6x6 area for both vegetative and blooming stages, Helios has become a vital tool for enhancing plant productivity.

Designed for longevity, the Helios fixture is built from heavy-duty aluminum, allowing it to withstand harsh commercial growing conditions with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

What sets Helios apart is its practicality. Its eight removable and replaceable bars make it easy to install and transport. The integrated knob dimmer allows you to easily adjust the power output depending on your plants' growth stage - lower output for seedlings or higher output for blooming.

Understanding the vital role light spectrum plays in photosynthesis efficiency, we've crafted the Summer spectrum in Helios. Offering a balanced wavelength that covers all growth phases, it emphasizes 430 nm and 660 nm - the prime drivers for photosynthesis in your medicinal plants.

Whether used individually or chained together in a commercial setup, our Helios LED grow lights offer easy plug-and-play operation and require minimal maintenance. Combine this with the long lifespan and easy installation, and you're looking at the highest value for your investment.





PPFD (PAR Chart)

HELIOS 8BARS 12”/305mm Height

HELIOS 8BARS 24”/609mm Height

HELIOS 8BARS36”/914mm Height

HELIOS 8BARS 48”/1219mm Height

Electrical Parameters

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